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icv cyber-physical systems architecture

we will grasp the overall requirements of i-net vehicles in the technical field, analyze the coupling relationship among the member systems of vehicle-road-cloud-net-map, apply model-driven and model-based system engineering (mbse) methods and tools, design the architecture of intelligent connected vehicle cyber-physical system for diversified application scenarios, form the mapping of physical space to digital space and the control of digital space to physical space, and build an intelligent connected vehicle cyber-physical system that gradually replaces “human intelligence” by “machine intelligence”, and apply digital mainline technology to open up the whole life cycle of intelligent connected vehicle cyber-physical system from r&d and design, manufacturing to operation management.

icv digital cloud

the icv-digital cloud (icv-dc) continuously builds the icv digital r&d system around the core aspects of intelligent connected vehicle (icv) product r&d system and methods, processes and tools, and support environment. it provides complete multi-vendor tools and software solutions to the industry in the form of saas; in the dimension of paas, it docks the knowledge base, database, scenario base, algorithm base, etc. required by professional-oriented icv r&d; and provides servers, storage, network and various basic computing resources to the industry in the form of iaas. it promotes the integration of innovation center resources, establishes industry collaboration mechanism, provides new r&d paradigm, drives digital innovation of products, promotes r&d of complex icv equipment, empowers the majority of developers and small and medium-sized enterprises, and supports the construction of digital r&d ecology of intelligent connected vehicles.

icv electronic and electrical information architecture

the development and testing of the new electronic and electrical architecture for icv adopts a service-oriented methodology based on mbse, with the following capabilities:

  • eei architecture development  :soa architecture development process, architecture model development, service definition and deployment, soa communication architecture development, soa software architecture development  

  • vehicle ethernet protocol development:someip protocol development, avb protocol development, dds protocol development, tsn protocol development  

  • electrical and electronic information architecture (eei) test laboratory:vehicle ethernet test, soa test, diagnostics and ota test

icv digital products & solutions

icv digital products and solutions are in response to the digital transformation needs of the automotive industry, focusing on the research and development of icv. the research and development processes, methods, products and technologies are digitalized through digital twinning, which empowers the achievement of autonomous driving technologies and products.

  • the icv key component library composed of information, model and data, is used as the digital base to build a digital space for vehicle r&d corresponding to the physical space.

  • the design and testing of components in the physical space is converted to the digital space, which realizes the packaging of digital artifacts through the use of industrial apps.

  • according to the r&d needs of icv, digital integration solutions for autonomous driving r&d are created. digital architecture design for electronic and electrical architecture and wire-controlled skateboard chassis are carried out with the solutions.

  • based on high-level autonomous driving, the digital prototype vehicle integration is completed in the digital space, which will form an industry model, and promote the digital transformation of the industry.

icv basic algorithm cooperative innovation platform

relying on the accumulation of scene data and evaluation means, the innovation center takes the lead in building a special open platform for the development and application of basic algorithms for intelligent networked vehicles. as a third-party bridging algorithm developer and algorithm application party, it will open up the process links from open source algorithms to semi open source algorithms to commercial algorithms, build a shared ecosystem of icv algorithms, build an algorithm certification system, and improve the development efficiency of the industry, cooperate to reduce the long tail effect and promote the development of domestic intelligent networked automobile industry.

icv technical platform

icv technical platform aims to build an open and highly autonomous driving technology platform integrating digital development and application, and build an advanced high-level autonomous driving architecture with broad industry consensus. based on the platform, the technology chain of vehicle-road-cloud-network-map is open up to realize an innovative solution of integrated development of intelligence and networking. the platform is based on the idea of integrated development of intelligence and networking and the reference architecture of icv cyber-physical systems. it has the characteristics of scenario-based product design concept, modular architecture design method, digital development method and full life cycle management process. it is a leading and new-generation solution.

construction and application of china standard icv scene library

the construction and application of chinese standard icv scene library has established "scene data", "algorithm service", "simulation test application", "parts evaluation" and "platform tools " and other business requirements. to meet the requirements of road conditions with chinese characteristics and different levels of autonomous driving system testing and verification, the chinese standard intelligent networked vehicle scenario database is established, including natural driving data set, traffic accident data set, standard regulation data set and perception evaluation data set, etc.  aiming at the long tail problem of autonomous driving industry, a basic algorithm platform is established; support model in the loop, software in the loop, hardware in the loop, vehicle in the loop and real vehicle test and other testing methods; build a data cloud platform and simulation cloud platform, build a chinese standard intelligent connected vehicle r & d and test system, and provide automatic driving basic data and basic algorithm application products and services for the industry.

aicc-icv computing base platform

automotive intelligence and control of china (hereafter as aicc) is a high-tech platform company jointly established by leading industrial entities, major market capital and vital government-managed funds along with national innovation center of intelligent and connected vehicle. 

since its foundation in july 2020, aicc has dedicated to the product development and implementation of marketization of basic platform of intelligent vehicle control and significant ecological applications, constantly and efficiently serves as an industrial leader. to boost the development of intelligent and connected vehicles industry in china, aicc is rapidly creating compatitive platform products, taking full advantage of industrial resources, breaking through key technologies in vehicle control basic platform, devoted to complex software/hardware system integration and aiming to create a market-oriented company with global impact. 

icv cloud control base platform

icv cloud control base platform is an important infrastructure to support the long-term development of china’s automotive industry.  driven by dynamic real-time data of vehicle, road and traffic, together with data from existing traffic system, the icv cloud control base platform provides icv, corresponding business units and authorities with standardized basic services.  icv cloud control base platform is a cloud computation center with a logically comparative and physically distributed architecture, comprised of edge cloud, regional cloud and central cloud.

cicv develops the national icv cloud control base platform through top-level design and r&d of common key technology in order to support the applications of vehicle, traffic and logistics and so on and build up the icv operation system which gives support to governmental surveillance and development of the industry.  at the same time, cicv takes the leading role of standards and specifications forming and incubates specialized business entities to facilitate the commercial deployment of icv cloud control base platform.

icv safety of the intended functionality

studying and providing key technologies such as system analysis, function design, test evaluation, verification and confirmation to meet the safety of the intented functionality (sotif) of icv, developing and improving the sotif tool chain to support the whole life cycle of icv, uniting and working in coordination with the industry to develop the sotif development flow and activity guidance of icv, analyzing and designing icv sotif standard system, studying and formulating corresponding sotif standards through technology, tools, processes to improve the safety of china's intelligent and connected vehicles and accelerate the implementation of intelligent driving technology. 

icv cyber security platform

build an infrastructure information security platform to provide support for national security supervision, industry security inspection and enterprise security operation.

solve the problems of identity authentication and security trust in industry interconnection, build a trustworthy service platform, and provide support for v2x business application.

cicvdata-dynamic hd map platform

icv large-scale engineering application

the large-scale engineering application of icvs is the premise and means for icvs to carry out r&d innovation and business model exploration, and it is also the only way for the industrialization and large-scale commercialization of icvs. the innovation center relies on the "china solution" of icvs, and undertakes engineering projects related to the testing and demonstration of intelligent networked vehicles for intelligent networked vehicle demonstration areas, smart parks, etc., and conducts engineering technology consulting services, including development planning, top-level design, engineering feasibility study, technical scheme, implementation scheme, etc.


automobile developers ecosystem

the developer ecosystem of intelligent connected vehicles (icv) focuses on supporting the establishment of national think-tanks, the r&d of generic technology, and the construction of service platform and builds a developer ecosystem architecture with "publisher-developer-support system-organization system" as its core. by setting up an open source community, releasing key technological tasks, and carrying out eco-activities, cicv will build a developer ecosystem for the icv industry. meanwhile, cicv is building a gathering portal for developers of the vertical industry of icv based on icv-dc, which will provide operation and technology integration services for open source project incubation and code hosting service in the fields of algorithms, operating systems, and eei, and is committed to building china’s largest and world-renowned open source community in the icv industry.