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industry researches

to conduct researches on policies, industry development, market environment and technology trends in the icv sector. the content of strategic policy researches include strategies, policies, industry development directions, etc. market environment researches include studies on the market demand, the status quo and future forecast of the industry. technology trend researches include analysis of intelligentization, sharing and service-enabling of intelligent vehicles. enterprise strategy researches include analysis of the development situation and strategic plans of enterprises at home and abroad.

standards and regulations

to study and analyze the applicability of china's current laws, regulations, technical standards to icv, participate in the formulation of icv related national laws and regulations, participate in the formulation of icv related international standards and regulations as well as organizing and take part in related international exchange activities. the work involves conducting researches on icv insurance, divisions of accident liabilities of icv, and dynamic analysis of the impact of laws and regulations on icv.