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architecture of icv cyber-physical systems (cps)

this research is oriented at the basic theories, methodology, architecture, reference architecture model, and r&d design tool chain of top-level design of china icv industry. the icv test field, the consultation on the building scheme of demonstration areas, system ivv are all based on the research outcomes of this icv cps project. at present, the projects of icv demonstration areas are being implemented in bda, suzhou, and luogang hefei province, etc.

automated driving operation system

compiled and published the white paper - reference architecture 1.0 of basic platform for on-board intelligent computing with the joint efforts of the industry. the white paper defines the automated driving operation system and comes to a common ground in the industry, which figures out that the automated driving operation system is a basic integrated framework software based on heterogeneous distributed hardware architecture with systematic software and functional software. play a major role to build an independent and controllable innovation ecology of operation system of automated driving, co-work with resources of the industry, take the leadership and cooperate with peers in r&d, standard development, test and evaluation, demonstration, applications and so on.

on-board intelligent computing base platform

focusing on the hardware and software development and industrial applications of the on-board intelligent computing base platform, we are devoted to making breakthroughs in key technologies including layered and decoupled innovative architecture design, integration of heterogeneous and distributed hardware, automated driving operation system, safety and security system, vehicle-cloud collaboration, to develop a basic computing platform product - ivbb 1.0, which is platform-based, extensible, connected, certified by automotive industry, and supports quick development of apps. it can flexibly integrate mainstream and independent on-board computing chips, and support quick development of apps for intelligent connected driving.

next-generation automated driving platform

the platform has the ability to satisfy safety redundancy and extensibility, which equips computing platform and supports l3 automatic driving functions. it integrates common technologies for icv, such as 5g-v2x, sota, network security, national secret application and safety of the intended functionality. the platform is also the basis of carrying out function development, system integration, testing and evaluation, standards and regulations, etc.

construction and applications of icv scenario library conforming to chinese standards

based on basic data maps test tools (digital twins and digital natives) and the real world to form a hybrid world and establish xil testing capabilities of vehicles to achieve synchronization and bidirectional control between virtual and real worlds. a chinese standard basic database for icvs

based on the chinese characteristics icv data collection and storage of traffic scenario, build a basic database of icv in chinese standard, and operate and maintain the database to create a scenario library with chinese characteristics for chinese icv industry, aiming at accelerating the iteration of industrial technology and the exploration of business model, also support chinese icv leading the global technological innovation and contributing to the strategy of intelligent vehicle power country.


2.construct deep processing ability of basic data and capabilities of application support

based on the chinese standard basic database of icv, fully absorb and apply multi-source data fusion technology, big data mining, data analysis, conversion, fusion, classification, segmentation, labeling and other technologies to construct deep processing ability of basic data and capabilities of application support. export a chinese standard scenarios library for the industry to support the development of various large-scale and start-up enterprises, as well as innovative technologies. an icv scenario test and certification service system

based on the basic database and scenario library of chinese standard icv to carry out the testing capabilities construction and output at each level, which include laboratory testing (sil, mil, hil, cloud simulation), demonstration area testing, public road testing, and autonomous driving-related certification services, etc., and provide technical support for the testing, certification and access of chinese icv.


4.form the perception and evaluation capabilities of multi-source sensors for icv

based on the basic database, scenario library and simulation test evaluation capabilities of china's standard icv, to evaluate sensor fusion test, driver hdm model, and adams vehicle dynamics model, etc. thus, fill the gap of the perception evaluation field in chinese icv industry to provide support for industrial applications scaling. chinese icv standard system

focusing on the construction of basic capabilities such as the basic database, scenario library, simulation test and evaluation, and perception evaluation capabilities of chinese standard icv, to unite the organizations in industry, target industry needs and develop relevant standards to improve and support the construction of chinese icv standard system.

dynamic and high-definition map base platform

relying on the industry-leading platform architecture design, the platform supports real-time aggregation of massive vehicle sensor data featuring high-concurrency and secure access. combined with its self-developed core ai algorithm and the real-time fusion solution for massive multi-source data, the platform realizes fast update of the dynamic high-definition map data of transportation network nationwide, builds a public service platform of standardized icv base map that meets the national unified regulatory requirements and provides professional services such as dynamic high-definition map data and data compliance services for industry customers such as map service providers and oems.

cloud control base platform

based on the requirement to integrate vehicle, road and cloud, we would like to build the cloud computing center with coordinative logic and distributed physical presence, the open and shared fundamental data center with unified standards and develop the cloud control fundamental software with controllable risk, due safety and reliability. implement the application of integrated basic data in vehicles, infrastructure and traffic environment in steps. promote the relevant standards and regulations, the formation of fundamental data and the service capacity for large-scale commercial deployment of cloud control applications in icv industry. the cloud control base platform could improve the safety and efficiency of driving and traffic, support the governmental surveillance, facilitate the governance of intelligent cities, build up innovation ecology for transboundary collaboration of automobile, transportation, ict and so on.

cyber-security platform

taking vehicle cyber-security big data analysis and threat modeling as the core, we are devoted to building an icv cyber-security operation platform. the platform would cooperate with security manufacturers to provide the icv industry with technical products and applications, such as active security protection, security monitoring and warning, security situation awareness, security operation management, data security management, vulnerability intelligence management, emergency response, vehicle connected protection/internal network protection/system protection. at the same time, we also provide comprehensive security services such as security operation center building, security compliance building, emergency response service, and security operation and maintenance service, empowering the industry participants to establish capacities of cyber-security threats perception, analysis and warning, and emergency response.