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party & trade union
the party branch committee of china intelligent and connected vehicles (beijing) research institute co., ltd. was successfully established under the leadership and support of party working committee of beijing economic-technological development area.

in the face of new situations and new tasks, we should take the lead with a high sense of responsibility and encourage all party cadres and members to work hard to promote the development of the cicv. to live up to the trust of the party committee and the expectations of the party members and the masses, we will try our best to do the followings things:

first,strengthen study and advance with the times, continuously improve our political literacy, and regard the "party constitution", party rules, and general secretary xi jinping's series of speeches as a compulsory political course. in the near time, we shall put emphasis on general secretary xi’s important speech at the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening-up and grasp the essence of the spirit, thus strengthening our consciousness of the need to maintain political integrity, think in big-picture terms, uphold the leadership core, and keep in alignment, fortify our confidence in the socialist path, theories, system and culture with chinese characteristics.

second, based on the actual situation of the company, we should try our best to do a good party construction work, handle affairs strictly in accordance with the laws, exercise power in accordance with the regulations, comprehensively strengthen the work style and firmly establish a sense of service of party cadres and members, and at the same time comprehensively expand the concept of " three stricts and three earnests".

third, keep the qualities of integrity and self-discipline, strictly comply with the specific contents of the "the principles of integrity and self-discipline ", take firm actions to address formalism, bureaucratism, hedonism, and extravagance, strictly implement the "three importance and one greatness“ policy-making system, and strictly implement the system of “ two duties for one post, double check for one case”.

fourth, follow the principles of keeping in close touch with the masses, combing theory with practice, carrying forward the style of hard work, focusing on innovation and creation, as well as taking the lead to work hard for the high-quality development of the company.

fifth, follow the principles of keeping in close touch with the masses, working hard, being economical, loving our jobs, and taking the lead in contributing to the development of the company.

sixth, uphold democratic centralism, comprehensively create a culture with a clear division of labor and a great team-work spirit. strengthen high-quality communication among the cadres, enhance the spirit and power of execution of all the members, and continuously enhance the cohesiveness and combat effectiveness of the party branch.

cicv party branch secretary

general manager

with result of the trade union election approved, cicv labor union started the daily operation from the day on.
the trade union committee and the auditing committee were set up in the first general meeting of cicv labor union, where 7 labor union committee commissaries and 3 auditing committee commissaries were elected.
the cicv trade union was officially established under the permission of the labor union of beijing economic-technological development area.
a preparatory group of the trade union was set up with wang weidong as the head, dong zhixin and zhang yulu as the members.
introduction of the cicv trade union:

the trade union committee:
chairman: wang weidong;
commissary in charge of organization: wang weidong;
commissary in charge of labor protection and safety: wang weidong;
commissary in charge of finance: zhen yanyan;
commissary for the protection of rights of female workers: dong zhixin;
commissary in charge of publicity: huang xingxing;
commissary in charge of recreation & sports: zhao hongyang;
commissary in charge of recreation & sports labor-dispute mediation: ren beibei;
commissary in charge of general affairs: zhang baijie.

the auditing committee:
head: zhang yang,
members: zhang yang, xie cong, wu shuang.

organizational structure: the cicv trade union has 6 groups.
group 1 is composed of general management dept, scientific research management dept and finance dept, the group leader is zhen yanyan;
group 2 is composed of human resources dept, strategy and standardization research dept, the group leader is huang xingxing;
group 3 is composed of frontier generic technology division, the group leader is zhao. hongyang;
group 4 is composed of industrialization technology division, the group leader is dong. zhixin;
group 5 is composed of validation test and engineering dept, the group leader is yan dongwei;
group 6 is composed of industrial investment and incubation business division, board of directors office, the group leader is ren beibei.

membership fee: the members started to pay the membership fees from april 2019, the standard for this year is 30 yuan per month for directors and above in the company, and 20yuan per month for the other members.

membership benefits: all the members are free to enjoy the benefits provided by the trade union, including spring tour, autumn tour, movies, greetings for birthday, weddings, new born babies and important holidays. there are also other benefits provided by the beijing federation of trade unions and trade union of beijing economic-technological development area, such as 50% discount on the annual ticket of parks in beijing and member medical mutual assistance. in addition, all the members can participate in various advanced member selection activities organized by trade union of beijing economic-technological development area.

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