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the 4th session of the first board of directors and the 1st interim shareholders' meeting of cicv 2019 held successfully
release date: 24 jul 2019

on the afternoon of july 19, 2019, the 4th session of the first board of directors and the first interim shareholders' meeting 2019 was successfully held by china intelligent and connected vehicles (beijing) research institute co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "cicv" or "company"). the meeting was attended by 22 attendees including zhang jinhua, board chairman of cicv, yan gang, president of cicv, as well as directors and representatives appointed by 18 shareholders. all topics of the meeting, including increasing the registered capital of the company, were reviewed and approved.

yan gang, president of cicv, delivered a "report on the work of general manager in the first half of 2019" to shareholders

shareholders attending the meeting:

1. china faw corporation limited

2. guangzhou automobile group co., ltd.

3. beijing automotive technology center co., ltd.

4. dongfeng motor group co., ltd.

5. jiangling motors group co., ltd.

6. zhengzhou yutong bus co., ltd.

7. zhejiang asia-pacific mechanical & electronic co., ltd.

8. tus cloud control (beijing) technology co., ltd.

9. china automotive technology and research center co., ltd.

10. shanghai baolong automotive corporation

11. huizhou desay sv automotive co., ltd.

12. shanghai automotive industry corporation(group)

13. beijing bdstar navigation co., ltd.

14. xiamen king long motor group co.,ltd.

15. chongqing chang’an automobile co., ltd.

16. china automotive engineering research institute co., ltd.

17. navinfo co., ltd.

18. jiangsu xintongda electronic technology co., ltd.

according to the company's strategic development plan, the third batch of shareholders will be introduced by means of capital increase to further pool together high-quality resources in the icv field in china and internationally, achieve breakthroughs in advanced, generic and key basic technologies of icv, enhance innovation capability, guide and support the high-quality development of china's icv industry, enhance the position of china's icv and related industries in the global value chain, and strive to make cicv a national r&d platform with global influence. 

the proposed investors for capital increase approved by the shareholders' meeting include:

1. volkswagen (china) investment

2. general motors (china) investment co., ltd.

3. bosch china investment co.,ltd.

4. hexagon metrology (qingdao) co.,ltd.

in addition, the proposal to allow toyota motor corporation to join cicv through strategic cooperation was reviewed and approved.

directors and representatives of shareholders visited the h5 laboratory of cicv

in may this year, cicv passed the accreditation of the "national innovation center of intelligent and connected vehicles" of the ministry of industry and information technology. the successful completion of the shareholders’ meeting indicates that cicv will become a national innovation r&d platform with international background composed of global leading icv enterprises and first-class scientific research institutions. cicv will play an important role in leading the development of the world's icv industry, providing basic support and platform services, and striving to promote the coordinated development of the scientific, technical, industrialized and market-oriented innovative elements in china's icv sector.